Cooper and Davies

Originating in Shropshire, Cooper and Davies combined as a duo after some years of solo and band work.

Drawn together by a desire to play rootsy Americana, they developed their own style and sound which draws on the traditions of country, blues, bluegrass et al.

Si’s driving groove on guitar and rock steady kick drum beat is anchored by Rob’s easy rolling bass with the addition of hi hat and wailing harmonica. All backing up a harmony driven sound.

Resonant hooks and flowing melodies inform their set lists, which reflect their influences and interests, and contain an increasing proportion of their own original material. Strong vocal harmony balances with the instrumental work to produce vibrant performances.

An ever expanding circuit of gigs and festival appearances reflects the growing popularity of this duo’s brand of good time music, guaranteed to leave audiences with toes tapping and faces smiling.

More information on times for the band are to be found in the Programme and Lanyard.