Saturday 13

Rock / Pop / Dance

Come and see us at: The Flavel

DMF Introducing is an exciting new opportunity for music acts to get a professional, paid gig at the Dart Music Festival 2017. Over the course of the afternoon of Saturday May 13th 2017 we intend to showcase 2 acts from each of the following schools:

Churston Grammar School
KEVICC performing
Kingsbridge Community College
Dartmouth Academy

This will be billed in the official programme under the DMF Introducing banner and the bands will be listed in the same way as all our other professional musicians. We anticipate each band playing 20 minutes worth of material which allows a 20 minute changeover with the other act from their school.

How are acts selected?
This is NOT any kind of talent competition, X-Factor style event! The bands will be put forward by the schools and, although we will want to hear a short demo from them, they will not be auditioning.

All gigs at DMF are free to view to the public and DMF Introducing is no different. We will pre allocate a portion of these free tickets to the schools in advance of the festival so that all friends, family and staff will be able to come and support their acts.

Details for specific timings are in the Official Programme / Lanyard.