Harpe Noire

Sparkling Harp Duo

Harpe Noire is the harp duo of Emma Graham & Liz Grier. Both harpists are accomplished musicians and have been playing the harp for many years. They are based in the Exeter area and have been playing as a duo since 2012.

Emma is one of the region’s leading harp teachers, and is in great demand, not only as half of Harpe Noire but as a concert soloist. She loves bringing this beautiful instrument to a new generation, and helping to shape the harpists of the future.

Liz is an accomplished teacher of the piano and flute, as well as the harp. She enjoys enjoys working within schools across the region, individual teaching and giving harp workshops. Her aim is not only to educate but to disprove the common misconceptions about harp playing!

‘It is so big’
‘It is so expensive’
‘You must need a massive car’

This concert promises to be a wonderful experience of sound and vision, not to be missed!

For specific times, please see the Programme or Lanyard.