World Music

The Meridianum Ensemble is a trans-cultural musical collaboration, bringing together musicians from Portugal, the UK and Morocco. The musicians bring their individual styles and influences to the mix, inspired by traditions from the Eastern Mediterranean to Portugal, Scandinavia and beyond. Modal music, improvisation and virtuosity are a feature of their gloriously entrancing infusion. The group plays traditional and original repertoire for Arabic oud, Middle Eastern percussion, cittern, Swedish nyckelharpa and the medieval sounds of the hurdy-gurdy. The result is a sonic and visual treat.

Founded in 2018 by UK-based Portuguese percussionist Ricardo de Noronha, the idea was to draw his collaborators into one ensemble. Through his interest in medieval music Ricardo met top UK hurdy-gurdy player Steve Tyler, renowned for his rhythmic and inventive style. They are joined by violinist and nyckelharpa player Griselda Sanderson and Louis Bingham on tambura and cittern. Moroccan oud player Soufian Saihi’s Arabic classical musical style forms a bridge between them all to create a unique alliance.

Soufian Saihi: oud

Griselda Sanderson: nyckelharpa, violin

Steve Tyler: hurdy gurdy

Louis Bingham: tambura, cittern

Ricardo de Noronha: percussion

Guest musician, Juliette Primrose will be joining us for two 14th century pieces, playing medieval vielle.