Recovering Satellites

Recovering Satellites

Folk / Country

Come and see us at: Market Square


Recovering Satellites are a freshly formed band of professional musicians who have developed a new alt UK country rock sound from the heart of England’s West Country, County Somerset. Between them they have a wealth of musical experience. Performing in various different line ups with extensive gigging and touring under their belts, they are releasing  their unique sound to the masses. A producing and song writing relationship between front man Kerri and guitarist Rich stems back to the  late 90’s where along with Dan Bryant their love of American folk, Country and Americana mixed with the British rock/pop influences are evident within Recovering Satellites.

Recently competing in Thorncombe  Battle of the Bands 2016, they achieved Music Choice winners and Best  Cover awards, with comparisons made to Hootie and the Blowfish and one of  the band’s favourites Counting Crows. With new additions James Perry—  providing guitars, vocals and a touch of pedal steel, and Simon Riley, a long serving professional bassist, they have gone from strength to  strength.

Recovering Satellites are an ambitious high-energy band that love nothing more than putting on a show.

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