Vicky Hadland Singing Workshop

Vicky Hadland Singing Workshop

Singing Workshop

“I have been singing all my life though have never had any kind of formal training or musical education. Some of my earliest memories are of singing along with Uncle Max on the radio on Saturday mornings and doing regular little song and dance shows to a captive audience of two (mother and grandmother !) I was probably a very annoying little kid with bags of confidence and energy and always the first to jump up to do something on stage. That all disappeared in my teens although I never stopped singing or automatically putting harmonies on songs.

At 16 I taught myself to play guitar and started doing the folk clubs and was soon invited to join a skiffle band.

Over the next 6 years I performed with a variety of groups which played in night clubs and working mens clubs. The north east clubs in the 60s were quite daunting. Out of school and beyond, my life was driving the van, hauling the gear in and out twice a night, and dwelling in the unlikely environment of beer, bingo and smelly dressing rooms. We were on the bill with various well-known bands and personalities such as The Moody Blues, Gene Vincent and Morecambe and Wise until I felt completely burnt out and began to view singing purely as work

Why sing? Singing is so good for us – body, mind and spirit.

I feel that the most important part of my teaching is encouraging people to sing together and join their voices in fabulous harmony. It is the most wonderful thing to watch someone grow in confidence with their singing, connecting with others, and really having fun.”

Vicky runs choirs in Totnes, Ashburton and Kingsbridge as well as singing weekends in Cornwall.  Her top priority is to encourage everyone to enjoy their voice and to have great time singing with others in gorgeous harmony.
Kindly supported by the Dart Music Festival Foundation