Classical Early Music

Woodwose (O.E. wuduwasa, ‘wildman of the woods’) are a band of like-minded musicians who share a passion for ancient, wild and exotic instruments – including hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, shawm, cittern, percussion, recorders and whistles – drawing their inspiration from the dark gothic era, European Folk music traditions and the voices of the ancestors whispering in the wind and rain of the moors and forests.
Woodwose have delighted audiences in the UK and abroad with their exciting and entertaining performances which juxtapose authentic medieval music with the band’s own original compositions written for an array of exotic period instruments. They are equally at home playing at folk festivals, rock festivals, Early Music events and for French Bal.

Performing medieval music from the 13th century Spanish Cantigas de Santa Maria of Alfonso X (el Sabio),  the 14th century Llibre Vermell de Montserrat in Catalonia, and from 14th century Italy (Tuscan manuscript Add MS 29987) along with some of the earliest songs from England. To this they will add some of their own compositions, mostly dance tunes, expertly arranged but allowing for improvisational elements, so briefly exploring the rich world between the known and unknown, between order and chaos.

Steve Tyler (hurdy gurdy, gothic harp, cittern, percussion) and Katy Marchant   (bagpipes, recorder, shawm, voice, gemshorn),  were for many years the core of medieval/theatrical ensemble Daughters of Elvin combining medieval music with masked and costumed dancers portraying fantastical creatures from medieval iconography. They also perform as a duo.

Katherine Christie Evans (voice, harp, psaltery) is a classically trained singer, composer and guitarist from Essex. She also writes, performs and produces original alternative rock songs. As a guitarist and bassist she has played on numerous studio recordings, and has toured Europe as the bassist for a punk band.

Ricardo de Noronha (percussion, fujara) is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist with over twenty years’ experience. He was a founder member of Troubadouros, a band of mediaeval music performing at mediaeval fairs such as Mercado Medieval de Sines and Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal amongst many others. He also performed at Feira Medieval de Finalle Ligure in Italy, Pirate Fair in La Ciotat, France and Mediaeval Ávila in Spain.