Calling all volunteers – Dart Music Festival needs you…

It’s that time of year again… 
With less than three weeks to go now we are gearing up to organise our happy band of volunteers.
You know who you are – please believe me when I say that we simply couldn’t do it without you..!
New collectors are always welcomed to join our happy band, as we aim to cover all events and venues. The more the merrier!
Sue Higgs – the lovely lady who co-ordinates the volunteers, has asked me to convey this message:

“Once again this year a request has gone out to all of our collectors past/present/in waiting, asking everyone to let me know where they would like to collect. 
This year however, I have asked everyone to select something else that they would not normally choose to see. After all it is all ‘free’ – so what better opportunity than to try something new?
I say ‘free’ but of course we know that without the support of our trusted collectors we would be unable to stage the Festival. So the plea goes out once again to all those willing to rattle a tin whilst enjoying the music.
If you are able to offer an hour or so over the weekend please contact Sue Higgs on 07974 390198 or email
We look forward to hearing from you!!
What more can I possibly add to Sue’s words except to say why not come along and give it a try?
You might enjoy it – and it will surely give you a little warm glow to know that you have been a part of making our fabulous Festival a huge success.
Contact Sue if you are interested in getting involved.
16th, 17th & 18th May 2014