Dart Music Festival 2013 Line-Up – Breaking news…

RSVP Bhangra Band
The Bhangras are back! As if the recent news about Ruby Turner’s return to the Festival wasn’t exciting enough, we are also thrilled to welcome back the energetic, endearing and hugely enjoyable RSVP Bhangra Band, who gave us all such a good time last year teaching us to ‘start a motorbike’ and ‘screw in a light bulb’ etc. to music. Trust me, there will be a lot of happy dancers in the Royal Avenue Gardens again this year when the irrepressible Bhangras are entertaining.
Bands and artists are still being confirmed but we’re delighted to announce preliminary details of the following stunning acts: 
Zum – The Original Gypsy Tango Band

It seems as if everyone has heard of Gypsy Tango these days, so it is easy to forget that this extremely popular genre did not exist until ZUM created it in the early years of this millennium.

If you want to check out the first – and best – Gypsy Tango band this is the place to be.

Why is it so good? The incredible virtuosity and improvisation skills of Adam Summerhayes and David Gordon, combined with their remarkable writing talents are a good start. Link that to the imaginative powerhouse provided by Chris Grist and the impeccable sense of style from Eddie Hession and Richard Pryce and something really special emerges … an alchemy that creates much more than the sum of its parts …

ZUM first stormed the UK in 2001 with full houses throughout the country in a tour that culminated with two sell-outs in one day at the South Bank Centre.

24Pesos have a unique and energetic take on the Blues that has put them at the forefront of the new Blues scene in the UK and have been toted as “The UK’s most exciting and original Blues band.” by Maverick Magazine. 24Pesos play original music, with deep understanding of the Blues history, virtuoso instrumentation a joyous groove, real songs and enough energy to bring the house down every night.

Grupo LokitoA fusion of contemporary Congolese and Latin music creating a modern day cocktail of two of the great world musics.Formed in 2006 by British Latin pianist Sara McGuinness and Congolese singer Jose Hendrix Ndelo, Grupo Lokito’s musicians are a mix of Congolese, Latin and British artists who have chosen to make London their home.Lokito’s energetic front-line of singers are true performers, and when the groove steps up a notch in the blistering salsa and seben sections, their outlandish dancing has to be seen to be believed – witness it first-hand on their video clips!
To name but a few… For further details of the 2013 line-up please check the website over the next few weeks – and don’t forget you’ll also be able to download a copy of the programme in due course. 

I’ll bring you more news as and when it comes in – watch this space…