Dart Music Festival at The Guildhall. Parties, music, films and fun…

Before… (2013)
We’re off…!
 ...The Guildhall has been trimmed up with bunting, balloons and blow up instruments this morning – and the Old Girl really does scrub up well, if we do say so ourselves.
Our thanks to Tracey, Maggie and Brian at the Town Council for being so helpful this morning when we were setting up. 
We think you’ll approve of our efforts... With a whole host of lovely plants on loan from Gardentime – thank you very much you kind people – the Hall is all set for tonight’s Sponsors’ Party with live music from Hot Club of Stonehouse with Becky Brine and a great bar from Bays Brewery, and will then be used for Thursday night’s special Music Festival Film from Dartmouth Film Society, which this year is ‘Muscle Shoals’. There will be the usual bar and a buffet and guest tickets on sale at the Windjammer Inn from 7.00 – 7.30pm – tickets are £6 for non members and £3.50 for members, to include buffet.
After (2013)
The Guildhall – as a main Festival venue – is also host to an amazing fourteen different acts this year and quite frankly we can’t wait… It’s such a popular venue with a fantastic atmosphere, and as well as Bays’ bar this year there will be a Saturday Cafe run by volunteers from local charity Dartmouth Caring – thank you ladies, I am sure it will be great! 
We must also thank the Deep Blue Sound Co for managing the sound throughout the Festival – much appreciated, chaps…
Full performance details of the acts on at the Guildhall this weekend in the DMF Programme – we look forward to seeing you there…

16th, 17th & 18th May 2014