Dart Music Festival – Blues, Funk & More from BROTHERS GROOVE

In an industry dominated by manufactured bands and artists, it is an extremely rare thing to find a real band, a band of brothers, fellow musicians that truly connect, both musically and in friendship; Brothers Groove is just that!
This Birmingham-based band are winning the hearts and minds of the UK blues scene with their characterful groove , superior tones, seriously catchy songs and genuine Brummie friendliness and the word is spreading fast.
With the love of funk and blues dominating the band’s sound and years spent soaking up the likes of The Average White Band, The Crusaders, James Taylor Quartet, Little Feat, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, SRV, Robert Cray and Albert Collins, in the respective funk and blues departments, Brothers Groove set out to make real music, music that they love and cherish. 
Their goal firmly intact, they have uniquely fused all these influences into a sound all of their own. Classic songs, riffs a-plenty, big grooves, heavy, delicate and always funky. Taking this sound to the stage is where you see the Brothers excel, with performance after performance of awe-inspiring delivery, class, touch and emotion all playing their part in equal measure. 

Their debut (studio) album ‘Play The Game’ (released January 2014), produced by award winning producer Wayne Proctor ( Wayne also produced the chart topping Blues albums for Oli Brown, King King, Aynsley Lister) and mastered by the legendary Jon Astley (Jon mastered for Eric Clapton, John Mayall The Who, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and many other major artists) is an expert exploration of all things blues and groove, each song crafted to make your head nod, your body shake and your lips whistle the tune. 
The twin guitars of Shaun Hill and Nigel Mellor beautifully working together and never in competition, to forge crafty, hook-laden rhythms with deep sonic landscapes. Add into this the Norman Watt-Roy informed bass of Deano Bass, and you have a wonderful blues alchemy at play.

The Brothers are keen to point out that the album ‘Play The Game’ isn’t an album of self-indulgent egos battling for space, it’s not about playing a million notes a second, this band sit in the pocket of the groove, play with taste and feeling and love every single minute of it. Their enthusiasm is as infectious on record as it is in a packed club, a fact every audience who has seen them perform will testify to. With lyrical themes inspiring the albums title, “Play The Game” is all about life, love, the highs, the lows, the game of chance and all the emotions in-between.

The name Brothers Groove could not be better fitting for Shaun Hill (vocals & guitar), Nigel Mellor (Guitar) and Deano Bass (Bass Guitar) as these three instrumentalists who first and foremost, have a brother-like friendship and camaraderie, along with fantastic musicianship on each part, that paves the way for an exciting and fruitful musical future.
Birmingham’s musical secret is a secret no more.
is out now and the boys are on the road!
16th, 17th & 18th May 2014
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