Dart Music Festival – continued…

So sorry I ran out of time in my last blog post to mention all the other fantastic performances held at The Guildhall this year, which included:
Moor Reason, Becca Langsford & Vince Lee, Kaz Simmons, The Neath Male Voice Choir, Martin Harley Band, Beth Porter and the Availables, Moscow Drug Club, Tattie Jam, These Reigning Days.
Just a few words to some of our ‘regulars’…: 

The Neath Male Voice Choir
The Neath Male Voice Choir – not a dry eye in the house, fantastically rousing and moving concert. So good to see you again – thank you so much and we are so sorry about the mix up over the chairs, everyone…

The Martin Harley Band

The Martin Harley Band – third year at the Festival and as brilliant as ever – thank you so much and hope the tour goes well. (Did you get to London on time..?)

Moscow Drug Club

Moscow Drug Club – great to welcome you back again and good to see that you worked your usual magic on the audience!

Because of our hectic schedule we didn’t always get to see every performance at the Guildhall all the way through but I know that a good time was had by all, so thank you to all the artists who performed there – we hope to see you again.
Hamilton Loomis

When we had finally tucked the Guildhall up for the night on Sunday, we were lucky enough to catch most of the Hamilton Loomis concert on the Bandstand. Wow! What an amazing finale to an amazing weekend – the frazzled committee suddenly became rejuvenated and were even seen to be dancing the night away…

Now we understand why we let ourselves in for this every year: 
 It really IS ‘All About the Music’…!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Festival so please tell us about your favourite moments by leaving your comments – we hope you had a great time!