Dart Music Festival welcomes ‘The New Choir on the Block’

Latest news on ‘The Lost Sound’ from Director Sandra Smith: 

“We are The Lost Sound – a small a cappella mixed voice chorus, directed by Sandra Smith, who are gearing up for this wonderful festival.  We’re ‘The new choir on the block’ as we started performing just two summers ago and have clocked up some great concerts and local festivals.  We’re made up of people from all walks of life who share a passion for singing, and in that sense we are a community choir. Some of us have only been singing for a couple of years and don’t read music and others have more experience. 
We also like to explore how to improve. Singing education is part of our foundation (probably helped by the fact that the ‘boss’ is a singing teacher and doesn’t let us get away with anything!)   Whatever our level, we’ve joined this choir to learn how to be better singers. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell!!!
We’ve been busy rehearsing new material and we’re launching the programme at this year’s festival – so you’ll be the first to hear it. Even friends and family haven’t heard it yet!  Emails are flying round the chorus getting everything sorted; getting the men in the right coloured shirts has been interesting! The riser blocks have been made, the committee have had to discuss endless details over a pint – or two – after rehearsals…any excuse eh, guys?

Our songs cover  a range of styles and show our taste for great tunes with arrangements of modern Indie artists like Imogen Heap, pop divas like Adele as well as hauntingly beautiful traditional Irish folk songs, energetic Eastern European folk and uplifting gospel. Some arrangements are our own, others are from some of the best contemporary composers around. Just turn up to learn more!”
Sandra Smith is also running a singing workshop on Saturday 12th May 11am – 12noon. Come join her and create some wonderful harmony with your singing – it’s open to all singers new and experienced – it’s a great way to start your festival day and get you in the mood for the concert!