DMF Sponsors 2013 …

Dart Marina Hotel & Spa:

It is always good to attract local business sponsors for the festival. Some of them have been great supporters over many years and have really helped keep the event going.
One such is local hotel The Dart Marina Hotel & Spa. Not only do they become one of our great venues, putting on live music year after year, they insist on donating money. 
We went to visit General Manager Paul Downing recently to discuss this years festival. Cheerful as ever, Paul showed us the new extended dining room area and we discussed what music would be suitable this year.
When asked how the DMF committee could help ensure the Hotel got as much out of the sponsorship of our festival this is what Paul told us. “We regard the Dart Music Festival as one of the most important events that attract people to visit this town each year. It is therefore essential that we do our best to ensure our support so that the festival can continue to draw people to Dartmouth. Even if the Hotel did not get any direct benefit we would still regard it as necessary to continue supporting Dart Music Festival, and we love it anyway!”
We are lucky to have a number of major sponsors who feel exactly the same. They don’t look for a huge business benefit from being associated with the DMF but they understand how important it is in making Dartmouth such a wonderful place to live in or visit. We are grateful. We feel that the public should know that this is the situation.
On our website, there is a list of sponsors big and small.  And at the top of every page is a list of our major sponsors with links to their websites in most cases. Please support these companies wherever you can, they deserve your business because they help keep the music going!
Enjoy this years 16th Dart Music Festival, ‘Music For All’   –