Don’t miss Mama Tokus from the Deep South (West…) at Dart Music Festival

Edifying, entertaining, funky & funny – Mama Tokus is
a soulful blues and gospel singer from the Deep South West, a composer/performer of original tunes and sly interpretations, a nu-music-hall performer, a poetess, and a hostess and MC.
Mama Tokus writes and sings nu-soul, blues and R&B tunes (old, proper Ray Charles-style R&B, that is), nu-music-hall ditties and humorous – but always groovy – tunes, and memorable originals and interpretations.
She hails from that wellspring of blues and UK R&B, the Thames Delta (think Ian Dury, Dr Feelgood and Zoot Money). She lives in the Deep South West – but can travel – close to the Tamar Delta…but she’s inspired by the Mississippi Delta. Expect a lesson in gospel, soul and blues delivered in Estuary English.
She is influenced by: Dinah Washington; Sarah Vaughan; Tina Turner; Barrelhouse Annie; Burt Bacharach; Earl Okin; Cole Porter; Noel Coward; the Rolling Stones; WAR; Georgie Fame; James Booker; Sister Rosetta Tharpe; The Meters…and many more groovy people.
Mama Tokus has performed at The Burning Man Festival (USA), The Big Chill Festival; London’s Rich Mix and The Brickhouse; The Port Eliot Festival; Bath’s Ustinov Theatre; Barbican International Jazz and Blues Festival.
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What the people say:

“A hybrid of cabaret, R&B, blues, funk and fun…Brilliant.” – Four-star review of ‘On The Ragtime’ album, R2 global folk-roots, Blues Magazine, Sept 2011

“Variation and humour are the two keywords on this album… ‘On The Ragtime’ should have its place in every blues and roots fan’s collection.” – Back to the Roots Europe-wide blues magazine, Aug 2011

“Amazing song… shared listening to this with my gorgeous daughter during a Mama gig and we laughed at the honesty we could relate to in it! This woman writes songs about LIFE!” – Buyer review on

“One day, we will be able to say, ‘We knew Mama Tokus before she was famous – she wowed the audience on our little stage at Burning Man in 2010’,” – Audience member at Burning Man Festival

“A triumph of modern-day feminism set against a backdrop of olden-day sounds…laced with humour and heart…Just what the soul-doctor ordered.” – 24-7 listings magazine covering South West England

“A brilliant collection of incredibly cheeky, cleverly worded largely self-penned ditties…it’s the quality of [Mama’s] semi-autobiographical song-writing that really cuts the mustard.” – The Plymouth Herald, local daily paper

“Unique, original, authentic, funny and – well – different!” – London party host after booking a Mama Tokus solo show.

“Dr John in a three-way with Shirley Bassey and Eartha Kitt” – People’s Republic Of South Devon county-wide news website
We ask you in all honesty – after reading reviews like this, can you afford to miss this lady..?? 
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