Help!! We need Volunteers – we need YOU…!

 In the words of the immortal Lennon and McCartney: 

Help! We need somebody… 
Help!! Not just anybody…  
Help!!! You know we need someone…  

OK, we may have mentioned this before but we really do need extra help during the Festival as there simply aren’t enough of us to go round. There are a thousand and one little (and occasionally large) things for us to do from the start of the Festival and sadly we can’t be in two places at once – we’re only human…
We’ll need help with collecting, performers’ car parking, ‘runners’ to  flit between venues, putting out and clearing away chairs, helping at venues, clearing up rubbish and much much more. 
If you are interested in joining our happy band of volunteers please contact Alan (Vice Chairman) on 07920 053580 and he’ll put you in touch with the right Committee member, or if you can’t get hold of him just speak to any Committee member I’m sure you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
I know it’s been said before but we really do appreciate our lovely volunteers so if you’d like to be involved (and help save our sanity!) please let us know.
To those of you already on our volunteer team, a
very big  thank you
for all you do – we really couldn’t do it without you! We look forward to working with you – and hopefully some new recruits – this year.
P.S. Do you think I may have been a bit too subtle in getting this message across…?