Kate in the Kettle at Dart Music Festival

“Fearless, intense and rather wonderful”

fRoots Magazine

Kate in the Kettle encompasses a wide range of traditional styles, which Kate Young has  gathered over the years of her learning and musical experiences, and distilled into uniquely crafted instrumental arrangements and new songs, with Scottish folk music traditions at its heart. 
Kate was brought up close to Edinburgh playing folk music of the fiddle from an early age, later going on study on Newcastle University’s BMus Folk and Traditional Music degree. It was during that time that she developed her style, furthering her knowledge in Scottish fiddle playing, became part of world-music project ‘Ethno in Transit’, learning a great deal about different folk music traditions whilst touring across Europe and Australia with them. 
She also found a way to connect her work as a singer-songwriter with this rich knowledge and ability she had acquired, and began to experiment with ‘fiddle-singing’ – connecting song with the fiddle as both an accompaniment and melodic instrument.

In this group, Kate is joined by Marit Fält  from Sweden on Låt-Mandola, and occasionally Victor Solana on tabla and percussion. Together their music depicts a journey of exploration of creativity, of embracing old traditions with new ideas, merging and setting boundaries between each element.

Whilst the music of Kate in the Kettle has the ability to not only look at the past and future traditions, but also what lies within Scottish traditional music and outwards to others – a strong artistic line is found reflecting what it means to be an artist in Scotland in this current cultural climate of worldwide musical interaction.
Kate Young is a Scottish musician and composer. She currently performs alongside Mercury Award-nominee, Eliza Carthy in the all-female fiddle-singers band ‘Carthy, Hardy, Farrell and Young’ (UK) who released the album ‘Laylam’ earlier this year.

Kate explores the use of the voice and fiddle playing by blending her knowledge of world traditions and her own compositions and style. She was brought up immersed in the folk music scene in Edinburgh, learning about Scottish traditional music, whilst also composing her own songs with piano, voice and fiddle.

As part of various world-music projects, she has toured across Europe and Australia, performed at festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival. She has composed for string quartets including Mr McFall’s Chamber and Northern Sinfonia Quartet and is currently creating a soundtrack for Czech film, ‘Montenegro’ (EasyFunFilms).

Learn more about Kate here… www.kateyoungmusic.com

15th, 16th & 17th May 2015