News from Tattie Jam…

Thank you to Seylan for all the latest news on Tattie Jam – we look forward to welcoming you to Dartmouth next month.
Tattie Jam is gearing up now for a 6 week tour and the Dartmouth festival is one of our first stops. It’s sure to be a highlight, and another will be playing at a wine festival in Germany.
We’ve only been in Dartmouth once before – last November when we were on our way home from an Australian tour. We’d been dreading leaving the amazing landscape and mild springtime weather of Australia for a grey English winter but Dartmouth was a lovely surprise – the weather was mild, the town gorgeous and we had a lovely walk along to Blackstone Point in the sunshine.
Our gig was at the Windjammer – great hospitality and yummy cider and beer – and there was a very enthusiastic table of folk sitting near the front. They turned out to be most of the festival committee and hence our invite back!
We do Scottish songs and instrumental sets, both traditional and self-penned, with material ranging from very funky danceable tunes to acapella harmonies with pretty much everything in between. Our arrangements are carefully crafted but we don’t take ourselves too seriously – the Scotsman newspaper described our music as ‘cheekily Scottish, it doesn’t care what the neighbours think’ – that’s probably a pretty good description!
The line-up is a bit unusual – harmony vocals, cello, 5-string electric cello (I’ve just bought a 6-string but it probably won’t arrive on time!), guitar, didgeridoo, drum box and various shaky things including llama toenails. Didgeridoo – in Scottish traditional music?! But it reminds us a bit of the bagpipe drone with added percussion!
Ruaridh acclimatising in Dartmouth
Ruaridh is doing a ‘make your own didge and learn to play it’ workshop on the Sunday- that’s always really popular at festivals so best to book early. And we’ll also be playing at the Old Market Square – hope to see some of you there!
Have a look at our website:  
– you’ll find examples of our music and other nonsense.
Thank you Seylan – can’t wait!