Nuala Honan Debut Album

Nuala Honan
Nuala Honan, country/folk singer-songwriter from rural South Australia, releases her debut album The Tortoise in May 2013, the first to come out of Bristol studio ‘The Woodshed’.

Nuala’s lyrical honesty and the fiercely independent environment that the album has emerged from combine to ensure that The Tortoise has an authenticity that commercial country so often lacks. 
Nuala has that uncanny ability to write new songs that sound like they have been written before, somehow conjuring the sense that the lyrics have been worn smooth by the passage of time.

Nuala moved from her isolated village in Australia to England in 2004; now Bristol based, she is known among peers for her inexorable energy, using her music and events as the platform for many other artists and practitioners, such as Live in the Lion’s Den, hosting acts from all over the world every Tuesday for the last three years. 
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Nuala has just performed at this year’s Dart Music Festival and her album is now on sale.