Well I’m almost ashamed to show my face here after such a long absence. All I can say in my defence is that although the DMF committee has had a few meetings there’s been nothing much to report – until now when things are starting to bubble along quite nicely thank you. Please read on…
We had a huge success with our recent Strictly Come Dancing Fundraiser at the Guildhall, and although I wasn’t actually there (nothing personal – we were away. Somewhere warm…) everyone I have spoken to has told me what a fantastic, never-to-be-forgotten night it was. I’m posting a few photos of the night for you to enjoy – although there are loads more thank to the expertise of Joe Murtagh of the Canvas Factory in Dartmouth (thank you Joe for a job well done).
I think Di Lyon, Treasurer and Co-Founder of the Music Festival almost sixteen years ago, sums it all up with her comments on the event. Di says:
“The atmosphere in the Guildhall was electric, full of goodwill and fun.  The band was tremendous and the dancers brilliant.  It was a privilege to be part of the organising team.”
I’m hoping to publish some more ‘Thoughts from the Team and Contestants’ as and when I receive them, but meanwhile here are just some of the lovely photos to give a flavour of the event – enjoy! 

Lots of happy shiny people and the DMF Team at Our Dear Old Guildhall – doesn’t she scrub up well?

Please note the custom-built sprung dance floor and fine proscenium arch..!
Judge Tracy Bussell with Compere Gil and Bandleader Phil
Nice flippers Monty…

Well flip me..! Monty was like a fish out of water and felt a bit of a wet drip after performing his Conga Reel...
Heavens Above!

..and Sister Wilhemina knew she didn’t have a prayer of winning once these two started dancing….

Phil and Lesley
Our own personal Brucie: Good dance chaps, good dance….
Winners Phil Scoble and Lovely Lesley with a delighted and excited Gil

The Contestants
Didn’t they do well..??
If you were lucky enough to be there please feel free to leave a comment to let us know what a good time you had – thank you. 
All photos courtesy of Joe Murtagh – with thanks.