The Anita Skoogh Quartet at Dart Music Festival

The Annika Skoogh Quartet

Born in South America and raised in Sweden, Annika is an adventurous jazz singer exploring standards and contemporary tunes through alternate time signatures, reharmonisations and a modern aesthetic.

Annika is accompanied by the young and talented Matt Carter on keys, the dynamic Marcus Vergette on double bass and brilliantly distinctive and assured Coach York on drums.

Expect tasteful re-workings, effortless improvisation and tight rhythms delivered with passion and high energy, The Annika Skoogh Quartet are not to be missed!

Fran Montignani Rees MSc, Presenter Phonic FM & Voice Specialist 2013, says:
“Having seen Annika Skoogh and her Quartet, I am relieved that seriously good talent still exists. Her rich, lustrous & heartfelt vocals reminded me of a dancer who can leap and twist to any height or position with precision, grace and ease. Added to that, a brilliant band that has everything and who perfectly compliment her voice”  
Full performance details in the DMF programme, on sale now.
Because listening to music at Dart Music Festival is FREE – but running it is not! – we have to charge for the Programme. 

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 16th, 17th & 18th May 2014