K.O.G. And the Zongo Brigade

K.O.G. And the Zongo Brigade

Saturday 12

Reggae / Ska

Come and see us at:

The Bandstand

A band put together by K.O.G (Kweku Of Ghana), fusing afrobeat with funk, ska, reggae and a host of other popular genres. The music is based on the clever merging of indigenous rhythms of Africa with genres of mainstream music, effectively like an energetic mix of tones and grooves accompanied by afro­soul vocals live on stage.

K.O.G. And the Zongo Brigade on telling stories from Africa; of love, peace and social issues. Our motto, “Unity in Diversity” stems from Kweku’s origins in Ghana, and embraces the eclectic mix of nationalities which make up the band. This is the main reason for the unique mix of music and influences ­ the experience has to be seen to be appreciated!

Mark our words – these guys are going to be huge!