Far Suns Fall

Far Suns Fall are Stas Melian on Lead Guitar, Bob Brockwell on Bass, James Taylor on Drums and Chris Sagan on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Guitarist. With rock influences such as Led Zeppelin and Stas being a self-professed blues guitarist at heart, the band enjoys a widely eclectic symphony of influences.

Bassist, Bob Brockwell, a self-taught musician has conquered a number of instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboard, Drums, Ocarina and the Didgeridoo. He has played in a number of bands and has been associated with various record labels and management companies in his career so far, a career that spans over 2 decades.

Drummer, James Taylor drew influence and love of music at an early age from his father Stewart, a drummer for punk band “The Head”. Learning his craft in his teenage years listening to anything from 90’s grunge to 70’s southern rock, he played in some of the best venues up and down the country.

Front-man and Guitarist Chris Sagan has come fresh from a solo project. Gaining airplay on numerous London radio stations and, was also lucky enough to be invited to record at Abbey Road Studios as a solo artist before co-founding Far Suns Fall.

Far Suns Fall combine all the eclectic backgrounds and influences of all the lads, including blues, hard & alternative rock, folk and just good old rock into a big rock sound with emotion-filled lyrics that are poignant as much as they are genuine.