Far Suns Fall

Far Suns Fall

Friday 11

Rock / Pop / Dance

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The Bandstand

Far Suns Fall are Stas Melian on Lead Guitar, Bob Brockwell on Bass, Dave Valentine on Drums and Chris Sagan on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.

Guitarist, Russian-born Stas attended  music college and has been dedicated to original music ever since. With rock influences such as Led Zeppelin and Stas being a self-professed blues guitarist at heart, the band enjoys a widely eclectic symphony of influences. Stas was previously signed to a label later moving on to co-found the rock ensemble, Far Suns Fall.
Bassist, Bob Brockwell, a self-taught musician has conquered a number of instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Keyboard, Drums, Ocarina and the Didgeridoo. His love and passion for music came when his father gave him the 7″ single of Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” at the tender age of 9. He has played in a number of bands and has been associated with various record labels and management companies in his career so far, a career that spans over 2 decades.
Drummer, Dave Valentine found a passion in drumming at a young age and quickly drew influences from bands such as Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. Through his time at the Academy of Contemporary Music, he gained much gigging, touring and recording experience with multiple acts and has since studied with some of the greatest drummers in the country.
Front-man and Guitarist Chris Sagan has come fresh from a solo project. Gaining airplay on numerous London radio stations and, was also lucky enough to be invited to record at Abbey Road Studios as a solo artist before co-founding Far Suns Fall.
Far Suns Fall combine all the eclectic backgrounds and influences of all the lads, including blues, hard & alternative rock, folk and just good ole rock into a big rock sound with emotion-filled lyrics that are poignant as much as they are genuine.