Grant Carruthers

Grant Carruthers

Soul Blues

Saturday 11

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The Guildhall

Grant’s feel for poetry coupled with a broad and eclectic musical palette produces songs that are lyrically profound and musically memorable. Along with an ability to express a feeling or describe an experience so that it resonates with listeners of all ages, he has a knack for creating phrases that sit as comfortably on the ear as they do on the tongue, so that you can’t help but sing along. As a composer Grant exploits his command of sophisticated harmonies and rhythms while never straying from his commitment to make his songs broadly accessible. As he says, “Popularity is not synonymous with quality. Critics sometimes malign popular music as a genre, but it does not logically follow that being popularly appreciated means being unsophisticated or inauthentic any more than it follows that a sophisticated, authentic work of art can’t also be popular.”

Grant’s sound is often described as ‘uniquely varied’ reflecting the combined influences of formal training in Classical and Jazz with years of live performance across diverse genres including Ska, Rock, Soul, Folk, Traditional Celtic and Popular music. Learning ‘music as a language’ from the age of three and taking up cello and saxophone in primary school, Grant has gone on to build an impressive repertoire of both musical styles and instruments. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist he lists guitar, bass guitar and double bass, cello, saxophone and piano/keyboards amongst his favourites.