Holly Ebony – Acoustic

Holly Ebony – Acoustic

Acoustic Folk

Bringing effortless cascading vocals, mellifluously heady and peaty raw as the Dartmoor landscape she hails from, Holly Ebony is an Alt-Folk artist serenading Earth.

An emerging act rapidly building a dedicated audience, Holly has performed at well-aligned events and venues including Nest Collective Homecoming, Dartington Hall, Sharpham Rewilding Project, Field Studies Centre Ecology Festival.
With funding support from Help Musicians, Holly’s debut album will be released in 2023 with scheduled performances at The Folklore Rooms Brighton, Dart Music Festival, The Canteen Bristol and Plymouth Barbican on a UK tour.

An Alt-Folk album at heart, with inclination towards Blues, moments of irrepressible Rock spirit and Lo-Fi nods to stripped back acoustic Trip-Hop. The album conjures curlews and cormorants, lullabies Ash trees, scatters love-letters wending on the currents of a beloved river and is gifted as libation to the tides. It carries these intentions – Connecting people with nature, cultivating resilience in times of crisis and being in service of Earth.
Achingly tender and powerfully rousing, this act never shies from socio-political courage or ambitious musicality. This is an inspiring set full of lyrical solace, that calls attention to the issues of our time, elicits folkloric resonance and speaks to a profound love affair with life.


In 2020 Holly formed her full force, intuitive band: With keening vocal harmonies from Jaz Gayle, the nimble fingered eloquence of Vince Iddon on guitar, deeply motivating grooves from Barry Cohen on bass and the myriad rhythmic range of Oli Haines on drums.
Despite the constraints of the pandemic, they’ve developed an cohesive sound and intimate musical rapport and this collaboration has breathed vitality into this soulful musical offering.