Jake Martin

Jake Martin

Saturday 12


Come and see us at:

Bayards Cove Fort

Since launching his solo career only three years ago, Jake Martin has propelled his music to audiences internationally. Jake’s popularity and commitment inspired a permanently nomadic lifestyle, allowing him to tour relentlessly; racking up over 200 shows in the past 18 months, and booking 19 festivals in his first season.

Jake’s sound is a distinctively energetic and engaging blend of brash acoustic punk, and melodic indie folk. He intelligently blends tales of life, love, and the road, with dark satire, politics, and his own cheeky brand of cider fuelled humour. Add Jake’s witty ability to captivate and animate any room of strangers, his memorable sing along anthems, and the occasional bit of furniture climbing – the result is an electrifying.

In March 2016 his first full album ‘We Take Them at Dawn’ was completed, and his solo career began to create momentum. Determined to focus all efforts on his music, and eager to pursue audiences worldwide, Jake left his job and home to tour on a full-time basis, and the rest of 2016 saw tours spanning the UK, Europe, and Australia, where he also signed to Dead Memory Records.

For 2017 Jake wanted to take his music to new audiences: festivals. Relatively unknown to the scene, his obvious talent and strong work ethic booked him 19 festivals over 5 months, including Boomtown, Beautiful Days and Farmer Phil’s. In June 2017 Jake headed to the USA for Memphis Punk Festival, Midwest Punkfest and a 4 week-long tour, before returning to a summer of festivals and a third mainland Europe tour.

2018 is promising to be Jake’s most successful year yet, with the release of his much awaited second EP, 1555 Syllables That Mean Everything due in April, and already more tours, and bigger festival slots confirmed.

In his short solo career Jake has already shared stages with the talents of Ferocious Dog, Roughneck Riot, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Louise Distras, Smokey Bastard, Gaz Brookfield, Nick Parker, Billy Liar, Doozer Mcdooze, Sean McGowan, Maelor Hughes, Ducking Punches, Rob Lynch, The Slackers, and The JB Conspiracy, to name a few.

‘What Jake brings is a message of individuality, of rage turned to contemplation, of social comment and a gentle disdain for those still star struck by scene and celebrity. But more than that, these messages are grafted on to songs that are so memorable, so accessible and so great that you will be singing them on the way home from the gig long before you revel in playing the CD the next day’.

The times for Jake’s act are to be found in the official Programme and Lanyard. Inclement weather will move this to the Masonic Hall, Lower Street (2 mins away).