Long Tonic

Long Tonic

Indie Pop/Rock

Hi. We’re Long Tonic. 3rd person bios seem a little bit impersonal so here we are, hoping that a more direct approach will trick you into liking our music more. The gang includes Ed (vocals & rhythm guitar), Matt (lead guitar & vocals), Joe (drums & attempted vocals), Dec (bass) and Harry (trumpet).

We love nothing more than groovy/bluesy/rocky riffs, knee-bending bops and overly-sentimental lyrics. If you like the Black Keys, Sticky Fingers, Arctic Monkeys, Mako Road, Ocean Alley… among many others, then there is a chance you’ll dig us.

Read on for a few of our rave reviews…

“Oh my! These kids have really got some groove!” Ed’s Mum – Devon

“Long who?” Dave – Bristol