The Dusty Peddlers

The Dusty Peddlers


That Little Ol’ Band from Leigh-on-Sea is based around founding members Scott Pryor (vocals, guitar) and Jan Tickell (double bass). Playing as a duo, we appeared at the legendary Ten Green Bottles, a few parties and weddings, and got through a lot of red wine along the way.

After adding a sprinkle of violin from a local musician (who resembled a county duke), we quickly identified our love of acoustic and busky sounding tunes. The Dusty Peddlers were off and running…..

After playing some great gigs and festivals over the summer, disaster struck when due to strange circumstances we found ourselves without a violin player. The day was literally saved by the legendary Toby Duffin on percussion and Paul Carver on trumpet when we played a storming headline gig at the Old Leigh Regatta. After enlisting the talent of local Jazz guitarist Daniel Parker, the new Peddlers sound of stomping country, folk and rock ‘n’ roll good time music was born…..

The rest as, they say, is history…..