The Harry Browns

The Harry Browns

Sunday 13

Sea Shanties

Come and see us at:

Castle Tea Rooms

Dartmouth Yacht Club

The origins of the Harry Browns can be traced back to the late sixties. John Broomhead & Nobby Dye first sang together at the Nova Scotia Folk Tradition Club in Bristol, after hearing shanties being sung by that wonderful old Bristol seaman, Eric Illot.

The two began singing together just for the fun of it, at first calling themselves “The Sand Diamonds ” (another Bristol sand dredger) and sometimes, ” The Melodious Larks “. The Harry Browns were born, however, when they performed at the Albion dockyard from where their inspirational namesake had been launched in 1962.

Over the next few years Steve Hawkins, John Knowler, & David Francis sang with them more & more frequently, until they also became an established part of the permanent crew. Fast forwarding to 1994 Steve Derrick & Ian Greening were drafted in as an emergency crew for a gig and decided to stay. Steve & Ian complemented Johns Knowler’s harmony singing style and between them they had many years professional singing experience.

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Pls note: 3rd venue of the day is Sloping Deck – see the schedule for specific timing.