Apply here for
10th, 11th & 12th May 2019

Please complete all sections

We do take time to give your application every consideration and, as much as we would like to book you all, we have to be selective. The following may help with your application.

Please be realistic with your fee. We are in South Devon, a long way from anywhere. We don’t pay travel or accommodation expenses so be aware of that when working out costs. We won’t dismiss your application out of hand if we have a reasonable idea of your price range but putting in a small fee only to change it later will make us grumpy.

We are happy to consider international bands but, as above, we do not pay expenses.

Please indicate if you have your own P/A system as some gigs may require you to bring your own.

Backline is not provided at any venues and only one has a drum kit.

We do try to make it all about the music, so links to your live performances are extremely helpful.

We have many applications and it’s impossible to reply to them all. Please be assured that we listen to everything sent to us. If you are unsuccessful on this occasion, please try again as there are many reasons why we may not be able to offer you a gig this year.   Thank you.