To apply to play at the festival

Applications for 2024 are now closed and we are full. We listen to everything and have numerous reasons behind our choices so if you didn’t get lucky try again next year. Applications will open around June – July 2024.  Any applications sent to our main email address won’t be considered for 2024.

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Dart Music Festival Limited
The Dart Music Festival is registered with Companies House as a Limited (not for profit) company. Registration number 06495472

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked these a lot!  have a read, you may find your query answered

Want to play at the next Festival?

The only way any act will get in front of the Selection Team is to apply via the Application Section half way down the home page, and follow the process. Good Luck

Applications for stalls, pitches, bar or catering services:

We do not offer any of these at the Dart Music Festival during the weekend. Catering and drinks facilities are all provided by local businesses based in the locality.

Parking the car?

Unless you are sure of your space, Dartmouth during the Music Festival is pretty much a no-go zone for ad-hoc parking. It nestles in a rather steep valley, the town is compact, most of the roads in the town are narrow, steep in places and covered in yellow ‘no parking’ lines which are rigorously enforced.

There is a very good Park ‘n’ Ride facility situated at the top of town. The parking fee includes use of the shuttle bus but you could walk or taxi it. Check the time of the last returning Bus, services cease before the last performances in Dartmouth. If you miss the last shuttle bus normal buses which stop near Sainsburys are useful.

Taxi’s will be busy during DMF but there is a rank close to The Station Restaurant. Walking is an option, downhill takes about 15 mins but it’s a real slog on the way back up; not to be undertaken lightly if encumbered or trailing children. We urge you to use the Park N Ride, parking in Dartmouth is limited.

Selling merchandise at DMF :

The Dart Music Festival is unlike many of the larger “main-stream” festivals in that it takes place in the whole of the Town of Dartmouth – in the streets, restaurants, pubs, churches and on the riverbank. So, we don’t have anything like a huge fenced compound with unique opportunities to market to an audience within the security fence. DMF relies heavily on the goodwill of the Dart communities who’s organisations and businesses contribute generously to the event, coupled with this the physical limits within the town, Parking, Pitch spots, and so on we have (as a policy) decided not to entertain any merchandising activities.

If, having read this, you still believe you have a proposition which we would be mad to turn down please contact us in the first instance by email giving as much information about your proposed activity as possible and we will give it fair consideration.

Tides and Astronomical data:

Up to date tide details can be obtained from the Dart Harbour Navigational Authority website

Why No Times, Dates and Locations:

Dart Music Festival has, since it’s inception over 23 or so years ago, been a mostly free music festival. Various, public locations in host a wide range of musical styles and all we ask is that you donate to our collectors in order that we can fund the event. Running over 3 days, hosting 28 separate venues (official events, not counting the pubs) with something like 156 hours of live music in the course of 95 performances. DMF costs around £80,000 to run and every penny counts. Programme sales account for a significant proportion of the money needed, the rest is made up of generous donations from local Businesses and Residents and YOU.

Please, purchase an official programme to get all the information you require and if you really enjoy a performance some of your change in our collectors tins will ensure the continuation of DMF into the future.

If we were to publish all Times, Dates and Locations on this site we would need an alternate source of income.

If you’d like to offer to help fund the next Festival, please email:

Dart Music Festival is operated as a “not for profit” limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom. Its board is made up of volunteers who receive no remuneration. Its aims are to promote the annual Dart Music Festival for communities in and around Dartmouth and Kingswear.

The Board of the Music Festival continually strive to provide an engaging, open, and free, music festival and welcome all offers of support (financial and “in kind”). If you would like to be part of the Festival please contact: