Merchandise from the Avenue Gardens Tent

Like every year, we bring you top quality Festival merchandise, and this year, with new classy branding. As usual, all will be available from the DMF Tent (in front of the fountain in Avenue Gardens). All profits go to funding the music festival, so please buy generously.

Watch out for expensive copies!

Tent open for business Friday, Saturday & Sunday early ’till late. Cards accepted.

Cashpoint machines

No banks, unfortunately, but cashpoints can be found in the  Spa Store Victoria Road; McColls Newsagents Boatfloat area; The Coop Fairfax Place; Yorkshire Bld Society Embankment; Sainsburys top of town.

Photography courtesy of Dartmouth Photography

Hoodie (zip or not)

£40 Adult/£20 Kids

s/m/l/xl  (adults & kids together £45)

Rugby Shirt



Unisex Tees

£10 (£7.50 kids)

s/m/l/xl  (adults & kids together £15)




Jute Bag

£6 ea or £10 for 2

Wristbands £20 w/end

or £5 Friday, £8 Saturday, £8 Sunday

Ted DMF Mascot


DMF recyclable pint pot

£4 (with lanyard) £1 alone

Cotton Tote

£4 ea or £10 for 3



Keyrings or Bottle opener


Official Programme