5 Questions with…Gary Quinn







Country man Gary Quinn was kind enough to answer 5 questions we asked him, here’s what he had to say:

1.  Describe your sound in three words…
Neo-traditional,  contemporary country
2.  What can the crowd at DMF expect?
They can expect a rocking set balanced with some emotion too. Last year was a blast, the crowd rocked with us for the uptempo stuff and listened intently to the slower stuff. Much of the same this year please DMF!
3.  What has been a highlight of your musical career?
Playing along with some top names from Country like Kristian Bush, Bob DiPiero and Nanci Griffith has been pretty cool. To play C2C in London and CMA Fest in Nashville has been right up there too. However, when a crowd sing words back to you in a show, words that you’ve penned…that’s something that always comes out on top for me!
4.  Who are your top three idols in music?
Garth Brooks, Kris Kristofferson and Brad Paisley
5.  Do you think social media has an impact on how you and your fans communicate? 
Totally, social media has been one of the best tools to help an Independent artist develop a following they ordinarily wouldn’t been able to. I also really enjoy interacting with fans online. It’s great to know that people want to hear my music and I think the fan likes to know it’s actually the artist replying to them.
Will you use Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about Dart Music Festival?
I certainly will!