Ash Mandrake’s back at Dart Music Festival..!

The Ash Mandrake Act incorporates music, loop machines, stories and comedy.

He designed the double necked guitar, hats and costumes.

This is folk rock, but many styles are used.

Ash has been described as imaginative; an incredibly skilled musician and songwriter; unique, brave, and completely naturalistic.

Please visit his website for an impressive collection of quotes and reviews – and here are a few to be going on with:

“The feral folk phenomenon Ash Mandrake – singer-songwriter, guitarist and distinctive performer who plants roots music firmly back into the earth” –  David Metcalf: Bath Story Telling Circle

“A good eccentric is hard to find and in a medium where many acts can sound the same, here’s one act that trumps so many in terms of stage presence, image and musical ability. With mutant instruments in his possession, he will take you on a ride that no amount of Frank Zappa will prepare you for! Grasp it tight, it’s Ash Mandrake!” –  Brewtown Music 2013

 “You’ve never seen anything like it. You’ll never forget it. You’ll never be the same again.” –  Roger Nuttal: Folk At The Oak, Bishop’s Cleve

Can you afford to miss the Feral Folk Phenomenon..??


Full performance details in the DMF Programme, on sale now at local outlets or online.
Because listening to music at Dart Music Festival is FREE – but running it is not! – we have to charge for the Programme. 

The sales revenue is VITAL to the continuation of the Festival – thank you for understanding.

 16th, 17th & 18th May 2014