Chairman’s Update

Earlier this week, I hosted the “wash-up” meeting for the Festival, where the Committee got together to discuss what went well for this year’s event, and what could be improved for next year’s. Thank you to those of you who sent in your feedback via the recent survey we sent out, it is always useful and we will make sure to consider everything. There were plenty of ideas for next year, which we were all enthused by.

Sadly, we said goodbye to Mo Preece, who is stepping down from the committee after 5 years. She will be greatly missed, but has already promised to volunteer next year. Thanks Mo for your hard work and support, from all of us.

We also commissioned a short video this year, to help us to promote the event and our wonderful town – available on our homepage.

So, thank you once more for your support for the Festival – we are taking some time off for the summer, but will be back in touch again later in the year, with our plans for 2020! Have a wonderful summer, and enjoy the Regatta and Food Festival.