Dart Music Festival 2014 – Testimonial from Ji Liu

It is so rewarding and heartwarming when artists give us feedback on their experience on performing at our wonderful Festival…
…so if you played here this year please let us know – we’d love to hear from you. 
Please send your thoughts and comments to: valdepledge@hotmail.com
Ji Liu – Photo credit www.joemurtaghphotography.com/
Here is what the brilliant young concert pianist Ji Liu had to say after he wowed the audience with his Friday concert in St Saviour’s Church:
“I have had a most lovely time in Dartmouth, and experienced a wonderful concert here with these supportive and nice audience.  
I have to say that it was such a great joy and pleasure to share my playing here, and the piano and the acoustic in the church is fabulous. It would be superb if I could come back again and share my music-making to the sweet audience here at some point in the soon future. And another good news is that I sold lot of CDs.

And I am VERY MUCH grateful to Marilyn’s kind hospitality and support during my short but happy stay – great thanks!

By the way, I think our programme with different things including modern, classical and jazz worked quite well, and I very much enjoyed playing it!” – Very best wishes, Ji

Thank you Ji – we ‘very much enjoyed’ listening to you! Please come back soon…