Dart Music Festival – Emily’s photos

DMF Star Collector Elaine at Bayards Cove Fort. Photo Emily Dickinson
Local girl Emily Dickinson has shared some kind words and great photos with us….

“Hello – I’m Emily Dickinson, I’m 16 and I’m local.

I come down to the music festival every year and I love it! It’s really enjoyable, in fact so enjoyable that my parents’ friends come down from the North every year. 
Phil King playing at Bayards Cove Fort. Photo Emily Dickinson
I’ve recently got interested in photography, so this year I went around to different performances and took a few snaps which I thought you might like to see, and I do have a few more…

Thank you!”
And thank YOU, Emily!  Good luck with the photography – the photos are great.

It is so rewarding and heartwarming when artists and visitors give us feedback on their experience at our wonderful Festival…

…so if you played – or visited – here this year please let us know – we’d love to hear from you. 

Please send your thoughts and comments to: valdepledge@hotmail.com