Dart Music Festival Foundation – Taiko Drums presentation

Photo credit Phil Braakenburg
 Dart Music Festival Foundation has recently had the great pleasure of donating a set of Taiko Drums to Blackawton Primary School.

For those who haven’t yet heard of the DMF Foundation, its inception was in 2009 when Dart Music Festival reported its first surplus.
This led to the birth of an idea that, in addition to three days of fantastic music, the festival could extend its activities to provide support to those with musical interests and ambitions living in and around Dartmouth.
The presentation of the Taiko Drums, left to right:
Tom Pether, Head Teacher Blackawton Primary School,
Jonathan Hawkins, County Councillor
Jess Heywood, Music Teacher and member of DMF committee
Pam Braakenburg, Trustee of DMFF and Chairman DMF

The Foundation was set up in 2010 and has been registered as a charity, and since then has helped a number of young people with various projects ranging from funding music lessons, purchase of musical instruments, funding of studio time and help with travel to take lessons. We have also funded equipment for a new Drumline workshop at Dartmouth Academy and have this year decided to fund instruments for local primary schools.
Our first project for 2015 was to supply Blackawton Primary with a set of Taiko drums, which was jointly funded by the DMF Foundation and the Devon County Council locality fund, and it is proposed that the DMFF helps our other local Primary Schools in the same way.
We were delighted to present the set of drums to the school last week where it was very well received by pupils and teachers alike

Head Teacher Tom Pether commented:

“Blackawton Primary School is very grateful to the DMF Foundation for the set of brilliant Taiko drums. 

The set comes with the promise of a training session for teachers which means we can ensure all children benefit. Drumming is a great team building, stress relieving, looking, listening, coordinating and exciting experience! Taiko also includes the discipline of a martial art – we are looking forward to developing this exciting new addition to our curriculum! – hopefully our neighbours are too!”

We are actively seeking financial support from benefactors and patrons so that we may build a solid endowment for future years.
 To find out more about the Dart Music Festival Foundation or to apply for support contact the Dart Music Festival at diane.lyon@outlook.com
15th, 16th & 17th May 2015