Dart Music Festival Gallery 3 – last images from Sunday…

Our thanks to official DMF photographer Joe Murtagh who took literally hundreds of fabulous photos throughout the Festival. 
Just the last few photos from Sunday 18th May – for more please visit Joe’s website: http://www.joemurtaghphotography.com/
Meet on the Ledge on the Bandstand Stage

Full house at St Saviour’s Church…

Dart Festival Chorus

 The fantastic Jo Harman again…

…and again – Jo Harman

Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

Happy poncho-dancing crowd in Royal Avenue Gardens. You just had to be there…
That’s it for now – with a very big thank you to Joe for all his sterling work over the Festival. 
If you have any great pics from the Festival that you’d like to share on this blog please e mail them to: valdepledge@hotmail.com
Thank you!