Dart Music Festival – is Swing your Thing…?

Get your dancing shoes on and head down to Dartmouth on 13th May for the weekend, to enjoy some of the best Swing Music around… Want to know more?



The Zen Hussies formed in 2001 in an endeavour to reclaim roots music forms such as trad jazz, blues, ska, rock and roll and swing back from the clutches of mere nostalgia and attempt to invest these wonderful influences with a contemporary relevance to today’s world whilst respecting the traditions from which they arose.

zen hussies 2 - 2016



Led by frontman, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Jules Landau AKA Jonah Flatfoot the band have been at the forefront of the UK revival with a thousand live appearances at festivals, clubs, pubs and bars all over Europe.


zen hussies 3 -2016Their trademark sound has been described by Festival Eye magazine as ‘the sonic definition of happiness’ and is a whirl of bluesy hollers, swinging trumpet, baritone sax, clarinet, harmonica, double bass, guitars, drums and good humoured stylistic nudges and winks.
DIY from the start, the band have never attempted to garner assistance from the mainstream music industry, which probably accounts for their longevity and has earned them almost cult like status in the UK live music scene and a devoted array of followers of all ages.






As if that isn’t enough to get you going, we also welcome the Lounge Cat Ideals, who tell us they were ‘born in the midst of a biting Bristolian winter, when a rag tag kindle of kittens huddled round a wood fire and began making their first primitive sounds to keep their tiny paws from shivering…’

lounge cat ideals 2016

Taking heed from the uptempo gypsy rhythms heard beneath the crackles on Papa’s gramophone, the band grew to create their own sound, weaving strands of 20’s swing with a thread of stomping blues.

Now a fully formed ensemble, with riotous clarinet lines and entwined vocal melodies augmenting the driving skanks of twin guitars, the band strive to maintain the energetic pace that keeps everyone dancing.


Aaah, bless their dear little paws… For more info visit:



magic buzzardLast but definitely not least come Swingmasters MAGIC BUZZARD

Comprised of Daniel Marcus Clarke on guitar & vocals, Andy Williamson on sax & vocals, Marcus Vergette on double bass and Steve Crossen on drums, Magic Buzzard are steeped in the tradition of swing and are sure to entertain and delight you with their showmanship and a taste for the surreal that makes every gig a new experience for musicians and audience alike.

If the Flat Foot Floogie floats your felukah, flip, flop and fly on down for a taste of their medicine!

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13th, 14th & 15th May 2016