Dart Music Festival – Live Music with MONKEY!…

 PuppetCraft Presents Monkey! – a puppet show with live music for children inspired by the Chinese classic story ‘Journey to the West’

 Brilliant poet Michael Rosen (Children’s Laureate 2007–2009) has written a wonderful script specially forPuppetCraft
John Roberts, director of PuppetCraft, explains:
“Monkey is the main comic character in China’s great classic story Journey to the West, and is still one of the world’s most popular folk heroes, even after hundreds of years.  Hatched from a stone egg the mischievous Monkey can fly on a cloud, turn invisible and transform into anything…!

We have created our own telling of the story of the much loved trickster and super-hero  Monkey. We hope the whole family will enjoy our performance at Dart Music Festival”.

26 years ago PuppetCraft’s director, John Roberts, trained in China for 6 months learning about a puppet tradition that goes back 3000 years. He has spent the last two decades perfecting his own puppet making and performing methods based on this ancient form.
The Monkey show has:
* Carved wooden string puppets designed and made by John.
* Beautiful, delicate coloured, 200 year old Chinese shadow puppets, which have recently been rediscovered in a dusty box in Devon, after many years in storage as part of the Dartington Hall Trust Collection
* Live music using traditional Chinese instruments, blended with modern techniques to give a vibrant sound world to accompany Monkey’s somersaulting adventures
* Fantastic movement that only puppets can do… inspired by Chinese dance and martial arts.
Plus Michael Rosen’s wonderfully funny and original writing.
There will be live music played in front of the puppet stage, on beautiful authentic Chinese instruments: zither, gongs, bells and woodblocks.
There is also a recorded sound-scape to bring the epic nature of the story alive.
The Team
Writer Michael Rosen
Designer/Director John Roberts
Composer/Musical director Rachel Miller
Fabric/Costumes Sue Field
Movement director Belinda Chapman
Chinese brush painting/calligraphy  Li Xiao Bai
Two puppeteers and a musician perform the show.
Performers: Mandi Allin, Libby Quick, Marisa Latimer, Joanna Hruby, Rachel Miller, John Roberts.
Inspired by the Chinese classic story Journey to the West.
A new version by Michael Rosen.

A full theatrical 60-minute puppet show from PUPPETCRAFT for the whole family – perfect for adults and children over four years old…

The birth and comic adventures of a fantastical superhero.
Stunning string puppets, antique shadow puppets and live music.
See Monkey! at Dart Music Festival – 15th, 16th & 17th May 2015