Dart Music Festival merchandise is here!!

It’s here at last! We’re very excited – all our lovely new merchandise has just arrived. It hasn’t even been unpacked yet but I have it on good authority that it’s going to be fabulous – there will be photos here as soon as possible so you can have a sneaky peek at all the great items on offer this year.
As well as the very collectable Dart Music Festival tee shirts with stunning new colours and designs, we have some great new hoodies, new style caps, and of course in the VERY unlikely event of inclement weather (yeah, right…) we’ve though of everything with our handy sized DMF umbrellas and warm, stylish rain jackets.
You’ll find all these goodies on sale during the Festival from the Merchandise Tent in Royal Avenue Gardens, just near the stage and the Information Hut. A friendly word of warning – popular designs, sizes and colours do tend to sell out quickly so do make sure you grab your goodies while you can – we’d hate you to be disappointed…
Only ten days to go now, and counting – EEEK..! Let’s hope all the wind and rain will have moved on by then and that the sun will shine on the righteous… We look forward to welcoming you at the end of next week and hope you’ll have fun.