Dart Music Festival – more testimonials

The new stage in Royal Avenue Gardens. Photo: www.joemurtaghphotography.com
More feedback from happy festival-goers and artists – please keep them coming…
“Wow! What a gig Sunday night, place was buzzing. Great festival as always – iit was a cracking gig. Many thanks and congratulations on another triumph!” – Chris, Big Foot
What a fantastic Festival! The weather obviously helped, but the whole weekend was magical, thank you. I was born and bred in Dartmouth and I feel very proud when I see what a wonderful music festival my small home town can put on. It is way better that my local Bath one, where most of the events are ticket only and high price at that.

From the sheer brilliance of Ji Lui on the piano to the energetic De Fuego and then the informal Harry Brown in the magnificent appropriate setting of the Castle Tea Rooms. the variety was amazing and it was often difficult to choose what to go to!

I hope that you raised enough money to carry on the great work next year and many congratulations to all the team of organisers and helpers.” – J.T.

“This is just to say thank you. Me and the Torbay Folk Choir had a lovely time singing at the festival. Lovely programme, lovely staff, lovely audience…” – Rebecka, Torbay Folk Choir
Thank you!

It is so rewarding and heartwarming when artists – and visitors! – give us feedback on their experience on performing at our wonderful Festival…

...so if you played or visited here this year please let us know – we’d love to hear from you. 

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