Dart Music Festival Programme – We’re Nearly There…

All the performances are now booked so the members of the DMF Programme Team are working their socks off ticking things off, checking, writing, checking, proof-reading, checking, amending, checking – and then checking again to make sure all the many many details that go to make up the programme are correct…


dart music festival programme


Like waiting for bread dough to rise or cooking a hot dinner, it all takes time – but we want it all to be perfect so please bear with us while the work gets done.

This year the format will be the same easy-to-use style, but we are going to surprise you with a brand new cover design and colour – so watch this space and be the envy of all your friends by getting one of the first copies hot off the press.



The 2016 Programme and Lanyard will be available both by post and to download from the website – full details once all is done and dusted. I’ll keep you informed and let you know as soon as the programmes go on sale, but meanwhile you can check out this year’s line-up by clicking on this tab on the home page: http://www.dartmusicfestival.co.uk/lineup/

dart music fest programme

Thank you thank you thank you!


We have been asked this many times in the past but we’ve said it before:

The income from programme and lanyard sales is absolutely vital towards the funding of our Festival.

Which is why – much as we would like to – we simply can’t afford to put full details online.

We ask for your understanding in this and hope you will enjoy brandishing your DMF Prog with pride and then taking it home with you as what we hope will be a lovely souvenir and a brilliant reminder of how this year’s Festival was for you.

And don’t forget you’ll also have a little warm fuzzy glow knowing that your contribution has helped towards making it all happen…

Apart from anything else, it’s actually a really convenient tool for you to use to help you get the best out of the event – just enjoy browsing through all the performances, circle all the acts you want to see, stick it in your back pocket and you’re good to go!

What more can I say except thank you for your patience? I’ll let you know as soon as the new programme is on sale.

Dart Music Festival 13th, 14th & 15th May 2016