Dart Music Festival – Rubbish…!

Blonde Bin-Liner Beauties Hil, Di and Pam
What a load of rubbish…
 …just one of the many tasks that our hard-working, barely-eating-or-sleeping Committee members have to tackle during the three hectic days of the Festival.
Here we see three glamourous members of the Best Exotic Marigold Gloves Team doing their bit in the Royal Avenue Gardens. 
We have been known to be litter-picking en masse at midnight before now, so at least the sun was shining on the righteous when this pic was taken. Oh yes, they may look happy, but believe me they are crying inside… 😉
No seriously though Folks, not long now and we can’t wait – rubbish collecting and all…
Bring it on!

15th, 16th & 17th May 2015