DMF Fact V Myth

DMF costs in excess of £80,000 to put on each yearFACT. That’s what it costs folks!

DMF is a profit making festivalMYTH. Every penny we get goes back into putting the festival on the next year. None of us are off to Honolulu on the profits…we couldn’t even make Honiton!

DMF staff are paidMYTH. EVERY SINGLE PERSON connected to DMF does so voluntarily, many working year round to ensure the festival goes ahead, and doing so while doing regular jobs as well.

DMF turned down over £25,000 from outside catering businessesFACT. We believe passionately that the festival should benefit the town and therefore you won’t see any caterers from beyond our TQ6 postcode.

DMF are profiteering by making people buy a programmeMYTH. We have to fund the festival ,and it’s so much more than just giving show times.

DMF is supported by every business in townMYTH. Unfortunately there are places that choose not to help us. However we DO have a hugely committed and loyal group of friends who are awesome enough to help us out. They are all listed on our places to eat and drink pages. If you can, please help them out, so they can continue to help us.

DMF has a hugely wealthy backer who underwrites everythingMYTH, MYTH, MYTH. All our money comes from our amazing sponsors, fundraising and donations.

DMF do not charge attendance at any gigFACT. We believe in our mantra of music for all. Every act is free to attend, but some are restricted due to venue capacity.

DMF rely on musicians playing for freeMYTH. We pay the acts, of course. You want talent? Well talent costs and we pay them all. Even musicians have to eat.

DMF merchandise is coolFACT. And every purchase goes directly into funding the festival.

DMF collectors are an unnecessary irritationMYTH. These buckets and the volunteers who carry them help to ensure the festival continues each year. If you can contribute to a bucket or buy a wristband that is great, but, at the very least, they should be met with a smile and a nod of appreciation because they are as vital to your enjoyment as the music.

This year we also have contactless collection tins, so you can go all ‘happy tappy’ when these wonderful volunteers appear in your eye-line.

Think of it like this. Imagine you are out for the night and it’s completely silent . No music. No atmosphere. But in the corner there’s a massive collection tin shaped Jukebox. And you know, if you just put some money in it, that thing will produce over 80 HOURS of music. For whatever you can spare. 80 Hours of memories. Seems like a bargain when you say it like that. doesn’t it?