Goulash and Champagne…??

Goulash and Champagne it certainly was..!
Credit: www.joemurtaghphotography.com
The Dart Music Festival’s latest Fundraiser, held out at the fabulous barn venue at Little Dartmouth Farm, proved an evening of colour and sparkle from the rich goulash and delicious sweet delights to the music-driven phenomenon of The Budapest Cafe Orchestra, a band that was ready to enthrall their audience. 
Credit: www.joemurtaghphotography.com
The infectious energy of the BCO swept all off their feet…
They took us through a journey from one emotional pole to another: from a desperately tragic evocative heart-rending ancient Jewish melody to a dance from Romania or Russia and all the fiery exuberance that goes with it. 
Credit: www.joemurtaghphotography.com
With the help and support of The Dart to Mouth Deli and Dartmouth Fine Foods who fed us, and Commodore Jake Moores, Master of Ceremonies who administered the fantastic auction of exciting lots the evening certainly proved a major fundraising event aiding the coffers for the Festival – now only two short weeks away…….!
Our thanks also to official DMF Photographer Joe Murtagh for the great images!

16th, 17th & 18th May 2014