Hello music lovers!

We are racing towards the 26th Dart Music Festival and we have lots of exciting news to share!

Firstly we are thrilled to say that the Flavel Arts Centre have come on board as a Diamond sponsor and will be a partner venue for this years festival.

As part of this, we are shaking things up a bit! There will be some stunning classical performances as always, but our contemporary music will change with an emphasis on blues! Think blues café and you won’t go far wrong. We know you will LOVE the new sounds, accompanied by a superb food and drink offering from the Flavel Café. We hope this will add to your enjoyment whilst in our lovely arts centre! More details will follow soon.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce, that Riviera Dogs will be back with sparkles and bucket loads of 80s dance music to open the festival. We know you love them, and they love performing for you, so make sure you are there! If you want to know exact timings and the full line up when released be sure to download our app now and keep your eyes peeled for updates, or if you prefer something printed, buy our programme when it is released for sale, probably at the beginning of May! They will be on sale in the Flavel.

Thirdly, we have secured the brilliant Ferris and Sylvester who have just won Best UK album in the UK Americana Awards a few weeks ago…the duo have been attracting lots of rave reviews and attention. Described by the Guardian as an alternative Simon & Garfunkel, Clash Music say their two voices meld together with heavenly results: like the light to the others dark. The powerful grace of Issy Ferris’ vocals is perfectly complimented by Archie Sylvester’s sonorous harmony. They are slinky, sassy, totally gorgeous and going places. Ferris Sylvester will be our Sunday headliners, do not miss them!

Fourthly, we have joined forces with local business Yard Park, and are delighted about having some rocking DMF merchandise available for you to buy! Watch this space for more details and how to pre order.

Finally we can’t go without saying we are quite frankly humbled and so grateful, with the very generous amount of sponsorship that has been flooding in since our last plea. Our sponsorship secretary will have to have at least 2 days in a darkened room very soon with the rest of the committee mopping her brow – she has been so busy! (huge thanks to Samantha Williams)

As you know, it’s been a difficult time for us, and indeed everyone in the UK, but our sponsors keep on giving; and this will make sure we keep sharing the music love every May. Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored, and there is still time if you have been debating about it.

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