Hooray for The Harry Browns!

The Harry Browns are back – and we love them! 
They are regarded as the premier shanty and maritime music group in the Bristol and West of England area, and this is what they have to tell us:  

We have been singing together now for almost twenty years but can be originally traced back to the early 1970s when our two founder members sang on the dockside near The Nova PH.  We take our name from the sand dredger which was built in Bristol and worked the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel in the 1960s.

We sing both traditional and contemporary songs, some of which we write and arrange ourselves and have appeared at many festivals, events and folk clubs throughout the UK and Europe.  We have recorded four CDs which are available to purchase along with some early days audio tapes. We like to place an emphasis on songs from the West Country and Bristol in particular.We seek to keep alive the memory and traditions of the sea-faring people of Bristol.

The Harrys, as we are affectionately known on the circuit, enjoy singing and sharing that enjoyment with anyone who chooses to listen and/or sing along.Although shanties were work songs and originally only sung on board ship, we believe that these days they are best enjoyed when sung by everyone – Harrys and audience alike.

On our web site you will find out more about us – please visit: 

Dart Music Festival 10th/11th/12th May 2013