Latest news…..

Here we are half way through February and only two more committee meetings to go before the Festival!!

So what’s been happening, well quite a bit actually:

  • We are now going to be using the lovely old Guildhall for a venue to replace the Market Square

  Whilst we are sorry to not be in the Market Square again, at least this year we can prepare the Guildhall properly and make it even more comfortable. We are hoping to have a bar and cafe on site and of course some great performers.

Lots more bands now confirmed and on our website: here

We need all the feedback we can get so please don’t be shy, tell us what you think, what you want to see and do at the Festival and we promise to read all your comments, we may even reply to the more sensible ones…

The next item:

  • Alternative ‘wet weather’ venue to wonderful Bayards Cove which is open air.

Now we know it is always hot and sunny in May for the Fest’ but we feel it only sensible to provide an alternative site in case of clouds. We did not expect to be offered a fabulous place like this:

Dartmouth Masonic Lodge

 Yes this really is a possibility this year. We hope to have this Masonic Lodge available and it will interest lots of people who have never set foot in a Lodge before. Watch this space for confirmation and of course keep an eye on the weather forecast for May.

More next time.